Married At First Sight star Natasha Spencer reveals her dramatic hair transformation

Married At First Sight star Natasha Spencer debuted a dramatic new look on Friday. 

The 26-year-old financial analyst underwent a hair transformation, showing off the results on her Instagram story.  

Natasha went from having short locks to extensions and red streaks, and even told fans that she's ready to 'change her life.'   

'A girl who changes her hair is about to change her life,' Natasha wrote on Instagram underneath an image of herself at the hair salon.  

In an after image Natasha showed off her new 22-inch hair extensions, which she has had before, and fresh red highlights. 

The reality star stunner complemented her new look with glamorous makeup including a full coverage foundation, smokey eyes with defined brows and a soft pink lip.

Natasha has spent years transforming her appearance before her reality television debut on MAFS back in February, after being bullied as a teenager over her teeth and weight

She is known to regularly have Botox. She stopped using lip filler two years ago after sampling a prototype of lip plumping device LipMD, which helped her achieve similar results naturally.   

Natasha recently praised the importance of body confidence on Instagram, saying that abusive comments do not bother her.

'I have felt a lot of pressure to look a certain way. No matter if I'm curvy, thin or athletic - I've had people make comments that I looked better before,' she wrote.

'Comments use to deflate me. But with self love, those comments literally don't mean a thing. I feel good at any weight because there's more to me than my body and so long as I'm healthy and feeling good - who cares.'

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