Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter coupled up for some post-VMAs fun!

MILEY Cyrus kept a tight grip on new girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter after her emotional performance at the MTV VMAs last night.

The chart-topper, 26, also unveiled another post-breakup tattoo at the music bash following her split from husband Liam Hemsworth.

After debuting her new anthem Slide Away at the awards show, Miley carried on the party at New York City's Up and Down nightclub with her new flame.

Proving their romance is the real deal, the girls walked hand-in-hand into the venue - moments after

Kaitlynn quietly supported the star backstage at the music event.

It was a big night for Miley who performance onstage for the first time since announcing her split from husband Liam.

Taking centre stage as violinists played behind her, Miley belted out the heartfelt track, emotion etched on her face.

The song references drugs and alcohol as Miley croons "I want my house in the hills / don’t want the whiskey and pills".

The star shared the track online earlier this month with a single image of booze bottles floating in water with pills bobbing around.

But it seems Miley isn't only expressing herself via music as she also revealed a cryptic new tattoo during the bash.

The star has had the words "my head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free" - lyrics from the Pixies song The Thing - in lower-case letters on her bicep.

The inking comes weeks after Miley jetted to Italy with new fling Kaitlynn.

The singer hit the headlines when she was spotted snogging Brody Jenner's ex.

TMZ later reported that Miley battled "valiantly" to save her and Liam's seven-month marriage, but struggled to accept his heavy drinking and "use of certain drugs".

The website claimed her own past substance abuse battle made drug use a "deal breaker".

However, an insider from Liam's camp told TMZ that the drug allegations are "bulls***" and that it was Miley's infidelity that ended their romance.

The source said of the claims: "This is another attempt by Miley to distract from her infidelity and recent outrageous public behaviour."

Meanwhile, Page Six have reported that while Liam wanted to settle down and live a "normal" life, Miley looked as though she was heading back to her wild ways.

They also denied that Miley had been unfaithful, adding: "She never hooked up with girls while she was married. It wasn’t a part of the relationship.

"There was no hooking up behind his back or with his knowledge."

Liam broke his silence on the break-up two days after Miley was pictured Kissing Kaitlynn and posted a photo of a sunset to his Instagram as he confirmed the couple had "separated".

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