Millie Bobby Brown Wants Gen Z to Embrace Their Individuality with Her New Beauty Line

We’ve come to know Millie Bobby Brown s character on the hit show Stranger things, Eleven, as tough, intense and individualistic. And like her on-screen character, Brown embraces those qualities, but she doesn’t get them from Eleven. Instead, she credits that to her grandmother Florence, who inspired the named of her new beauty line.

“My grandmother embraced her individuality a lot and she expressed herself,” Brown tells PEOPLE exclusively about her new line Florence by Mills “I definitely relate to that. I’ve been told I’m like her in that respect, and I wanted that to represent my brand as well.”

When she set out to create her first ever beauty line, Brown wanted to meet the needs of her generation by developing products that enhanced each user’s beauty, rather than cover up who they are with makeup. So Brown knew skincare had to be a major part of the line.

“I think there was a void in the market for young people and I think every young person deserves to have a good start to their skincare routine and beauty routine,” she says.

With nine skincare and four makeup products, including a "Zero Chill" Face Mist, a bright pink "Mind Glowing peel"of Mask and a "Like a Light" Skin Tent, Florence by Mills draws directly from the many years Bobby Brown spent wearing heavy makeup for roles.

“Lightweight makeup is very important,” Brown explains. “You don’t want to cover up your beauty. You want to add to it. I think that’s what we were missing.”

Florence by Mill’s dewy, light skin tint is a go-to for Brown. So making it look and feel as natural as possible was important for the actress.

“I think if you’re going into [the beauty] space, you should do it in a healthy environment and healthy way,” she says.

In fact, the environment was a huge factor when Brown created her vegan beauty line.

She’s a supporter of UNICEF and the organization’s youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador, so making her line entirely PETA cruelty-free was her number one priority.

“I believe that animals should have absolutely nothing to do with clothing or beauty or skincare,” the 15-year-old actress says. “Animals are meant to be in the wild and meant to be free. Therefore, it was always my priority for it be vegan.”

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