Molly-Mae Hague thanks fans for their support after sharing tearful video revealing a mole

Molly-Mae Hague has returned to social media to thank fans for their support, after revealing a mole she had removed was cancerous.

The Love Island star, 21, took to Instagram Stories on Friday to respond to the messages she'd received from her followers, reminding them to get any unusual marks checked as 'you just never know.'

On Thursday Molly-Mae broke down in tears as her doctor told her via telephone that the mole was a malignant melanoma - a type of skin cancer - after she filmed herself being given the diagnosis for her latest YouTube video.

'I'm so happy to see so many messages in my DMs from you all saying you're going to have certain moles checked after watching...

'Don't think it'll be someone else's story as you'll just never know.'  

Molly-Mae's post came a day after she shared the YouTube video titled: 'I FOUND OUT MY MOLE WAS CANCEROUS' after having a mole removed from her leg.

In the video, she opened up about what she's been going through following her 'shock' diagnosis, telling her fans: 'I was walking around with skin cancer on my leg.'

Molly-Mae revealed that she learned her mole was a malignant melanoma during a work trip to Italy, when a doctor phoned her to deliver the diagnosis following a recent biopsy.

The social media star initially got the mole on her leg checked out by two dermatologists but was told it was nothing to worry about. 

Molly-Mae eventually sought third professional opinion during a routine check-up because she 'felt something wasn't quite right'. 

Speaking on her YouTube video, after the phone call from her doctor played out, she told fans: 'I got the call today and he's told me it is malignant melanoma - which is skin cancer basically.  

'It's obviously petrifying, shocking and scary. I don't even know what to think or say. I cannot believe I was told by others doctors it was OK. I am so upset and angry. 

'I just briefly asked this doctor when I was walking out. I was walking around with skin cancer on my leg!  

'If I hadn't have asked, I'd still have that mole on my leg now and I'd be none the wiser. It could be spreading through my body, you just never know.' 

Molly-Mae continued, explaining how she was trying to be strong, despite breaking down, so that her loved ones didn't freak out. 

She said: 'I've already shed tears about it. I've already cried down the phone to every family member.' 

Later, the Influencer explained that her surgery had been cancelled because one professional didn't believe the melanoma was malignant.

She revealed that she wouldn't know definitively the exact type of melanoma for three weeks, because the mole was being sent to America for a further biopsy.

Molly-Mae concluded the video by urging her fans to have their moles checked out.

Molly-Mae recently revealed the scar on her leg would 'triple in size' following further surgery, after previously having the mole removed - surgery which has since been cancelled. 

The Love Islander did not initially discuss her 'shock diagnosis' after having a biopsy on the mole, but shared a picture of her scar a few weeks ago.

At the time, she told fans: 'Update: Just took my bandages off yesterday and I'm so happy with how this is healing.

'Showing this for the people that are having moles removed and don't have to have anything done further. I know after a year of using bio oil this would not be an issue for me! So don't worry too much about scarring.'

She continued: 'This is about to be triple the size and become two but oh well, was small looking while it lasted. Sorry if you can see hairs, I've not been able to shave around this region.'

Molly received a shock diagnosis after having a potentially cancerous mole removed from her leg in September, and revealed she would go under the knife once more in a Q&A with fans.

She wrote at the time: 'The mole has already been removed but my further surgery is next week. I feel it coming around so quick and I'm really b***dy nervous but fingers crossed.

'Halloween is ruined for me this year because of my operation. Literally the first thing I said when I found out the date. Don't want to talk about it to be honest. I wait for Halloween all year so I'm very upset.' 

Molly-Mae said she had received negative and 'grim' comments from online trolls about her current health condition but admitted she was immune to them now.

She wrote: 'I receive that many hate comments that I'm genuinely emotionless to them now. I'm pretty sure nothing can hurt me anymore.

'The things people have written about the health issues I'm going through atm are actually so grim you have to just brush them off.'

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