Nikki and Brie Bella Updates OnTheir Mom's Brain Surgery

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

The Total Bellas stars updated fans on their mother Kathy Colace Laurinaitis' condition after she had surgery to remove a mass on her brain stem on Tuesday.

"Mama Bella had a very successful surgery! Can't thank you all enough for your prayers, love, light and beautiful words!" Nikki wrote on Instagram.

"Can't wait for my Mom to see how loved she is. It's going to mean the world to her. Now prayers for her recovery!"

"Can't wait to squeeze my Mom! She'll be in ICU for a few days but when I can she's getting a really big hug and kiss!" she added.

Along with the message, Nikki shared a video of herself noting how thankful the family is that the mass was discovered early, as it could have been fatal if gone untreated. "[The surgery] took a lot longer than expected because the doctors really wanted to make sure that everything was taken out," she said. "If we didn't catch this, it actually could have been fatal. So thankful to God and her angels for finding this."

Brie also expressed her gratitude on her Instagram Story, saying she's thankful their mom is now able to "start her journey of recovering."

Ahead of the surgery, the twins asked their fans for prayers and well wishes on Instagram.

"Our Mama Bella, our Gigi, our Gato is about to head into brain surgery," Nikki wrote. "I ask for so many prayers, so much light and love sent her way.

Sadly they found what you can compare to a tumor on her brain stem that has been paralyzing her face. I have faith that the amazing doctors will do an incredible job and our Gigi will be on the road to recovery starting late today."

"She's loved by so many of us and just pray that her road to recovery is exactly what we are hoping for so we can put two new grand babies in her arms soon," she continued.

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