Peter Weber reveals he is still 'making it up' to girlfriend Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber has reignited his romance with Kelley Flanagan in the real world, after first giving her the ax on The Bachelor.

But the pilot is still 'making it up' to Kelley for dumping her on the show.   

'Everything I put Kelley through... I'm still working to make it up to her for not picking her,' Peter told Entertainment Tonight during a joint interview with his girlfriend. 

To say the duo's relationship has gotten off to a complicated start would be putting it lightly. 

After Peter dumped Kelley on The Bachelor, he became proposed to finalist Hannah Ann Sluss during the season's dramatic finale in Australia. 

But when that engagement ended just a few short months later, he attempted a very short-lived relationship with runner-up Madison Prewett. 

It wasn't until March that Peter and Kelley sparked dating rumors, when the duo were seen looking quite flirty in the lawyer's hometown of Chicago.  

The lovebirds have been inseparable ever since then. 

Interestingly, the pair had already had met prior to filming The Bachelor after meeting at a hotel not long before production began. 

Still, the duo have had to face criticism their romance didn't develop the traditional fashion.

'People like to say, "Oh, she wasn't your first choice." And I know for Kelley, it has been tough to see. But listen, at the end of the day, this is a reality TV dating show. This is not real life, normal life, so it's not the same,' Peter explained. 

Though it has been just a few months since the duo made their romance official, they have already dropped the L-bomb.

'Wanna know how I told her I loved her for the first time?' Peter said. 'Neil Lane wasn't there - I know - but

I got her this little gumball machine ring. We were having a pool day, and I [sat her on the couch]... I told her I wanted her to remember this day from this gumball machine ring is the day that I told you that I loved you.'

Kelley long had a hunch she and Peter would be a good match.  

'There's always something about Peter that I knew I just was madly in love. I just knew we'd get along.' 

Obviously things are going well for the couple, who have discussed marriage, children, and even plan on moving to New York City together this year. 

'I'm super excited to take this next step with Kell and move to New York and to see what adventures await.' 

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