Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Share Steamy Embraces During ‘Senorita’ Rehearsal

Camila Cabello, 22, and Shawn Mendes, 21, don’t say a single word in the footage of them rehearsing their “Senorita” music video, but do they need to? In the new behind the scenes, published on Aug. 15 to Camila’s YouTube account, the two seem gleefully happy to get up close with each other while practicing the moves that made “Señorita” one of the steamiest videos of 2019. Every time Camila throws herself at Shawn and wraps her legs around his waist, the temperature in the room shoots up by a couple hundred degrees. When the two lock arms in a steamy embrace, the chemistry is off the charts.

Of course, there are also some sweet moments in the rehearsal footage. The clip starts off with them stretching together, which is cute beyond words. They play some elementary school hand-games (think Paddy Cake, but more complicated.) There’s even a point when Shawn drops Camila! The “Stitches” singer nearly leaves the former Fifth Harmony member in stitches when he accidentally lets go of her hand, but thankfully, she’s okay. She even laughs off the snafu.

By the end of the clip, Shawn and Camila have their dance moves down, and it’s a reason to celebrate! The hard work paid off. “Señorita” climaxes with a sensual dance between Shawn and Camila, and their interaction is even hotter knowing that these two are actually an item. Though they tried to downplay their then-rumored relationship (Shawn flat-out he said he wasn't dating Camilla when asked during the Fourth of July), they pretty much confirmed their romance on July 29 — by passionately making out in a Miami pool.

Fans don’t hear Shawn and Camila speak in that “Señorita” rehearsal video, and they should get used to that. With these two getting more comfortable with publicly showing their love, a source close to the singers told that neither eel the urge to “make something official.” The two “consider themselves official already,” so don’t expect a lengthy statement or a verbal confirmation anytime soon. “They are having fun, and whatever people think [of] their relationship is not their problem.”

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