Shazam 2 on the Way

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

The DC live-action universe had its lackluster years recently, but it seems Warner Bros. has found its momentum in recent years. After the box office disappointment of much hyped movie Justice League,DC has taken its time for crossover projects, inturn is focusing on director-driven blockbusters that focus on one character at a time. It has t worked out in the case of Aquaman and Shazam!, and both projects are expected to get their sequels respectively.

Zachary Levi commented about a Shazam! sequel during his recent appearance at Germany’s CCXP Cologne Convention , and it created great deal of excitement , and is sure to excite all DC fans all around the globe. Shazam! brought something new to the superhero genre, adding a sense of naivety and childlike wonder deviating from its ultra dark DCEU.

DC fans should be happy to hear this news, as it appears the DCEU is back on its track following the worrying performance of Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. Rather than releasing full phases of movie releases like the MCU, Warner Bros. appears to be approaching its shared universe more freely, allowing the performance of each blockbuster to dictate plans for the future.

Shazam! and Aquaman proved that DC can make movies that are critically acclaimed, and helped rejuvinate new life into the DCEU. DC has taken its time to get back from the mistakes it has made in the past.Until that point, only Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman managed to get great reviews, and the future of the shared universe seemed precarious. But now the studio has course corrected, with director-driven projects like Joker and Birds of Prey coming down the pipeline, in addition to the projects that are still being developed.

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