Shocking News of Woman Infected by Flesh-Eating Bacteria While Swimming at Florida Beach

A woman living in Virgina is recovering from a deadly flesh eating bacteria infection that required urgent surgery.Amanda Edwards was swimming at Norfolk's Ocean View Beach for 10 minutes .But that was enough for a flesh eating staph infection to spread viciously through her body,probably through an open cut she didn't notice,doctors said.She went to beach last week to relax because of the hot weather which led to her infection.A week later she started to notice signs of infection in her legs.

She told WKTR she did not feel good and noticed the infection that came on her leg.She ignored for week weeks and infection started getting bigger and bigger. and it reached a point where she couldn't walk anymore.

Edwards said the infection spread very quickly and was going up her leg.

She thought she was going to fall off as she went to the hospital where doctors worked to stop the infection.

“They had to cut me open, drain it out and stuff it with some gauze. I had to keep it covered for days,” she said.

She later learned there was a swimming advisory at Ocean View Beach— which has since been lifted — due to the bacteria levels in the water.

She said that she did not see any signs about the advisory at the beach, and has urged people to check online about the place where they are going to swim.

“Please check the news and make sure there is not an advisory out because there is not signs out there,” she said.

Edwards is on antibiotics for another two weeks. She said that she is panning to skip swimming for the rest of the summer.

“Every time I get into the water, I’m gonna think about that time that I had that bad experience,” she said.

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