Sister Wives’ Meri Brown posts cryptic message about ‘common sense’ as rumors swirl

SISTER Wives star Meri Brown shared a message about having “common sense” amid rumors that she and husband Kody brown have split.

The 49-year-old reality star and her 51-year-old hubby have been hinting for a while now that their relationship has come to an end.

On Sunday, Meri cryptically posted on Instagram about the importance of having good judgment and wisdom.

She shared a quote on her page that read: “Common sense, proper noun.

“A mythical Creature akin to a Yeti or Bigfoot that has eluded and baffled human society since the dawn of time.”

The mother of one — who shares daughter Mariah, 24, with Kody — has been married to the 51-year-old the longest out of all of the Sister Wives.

The duo got married on April 21, 1990, while Janelle and Kody got together in 1993, Christine in 1994 and Robyn in 2010.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Meri and Kody have called it quits, though, and her latest post about common sense is only fueling those whispers.

Plus, she shared a slideshow of pictures of some of her closest friends and family members on Saturday, mentioning how they were all of the people she was “missing” during lockdown.

Kody was left out of the emotional post.

Along with the photos of all of her loved ones, Meri wrote: ”Y’all! I miss my peeps! I don't know why, but this past week it's hit me HARD!

"I refuse to believe this is our new ‘normal.' Nothing about what we're doing is ‘normal.’

"I understand and accept that we're in a season of social distancing, and as hard as it is sometimes, it's what we need to do.

"I also believe that it will pass and things, although changed, will get back closer to what they were before. Eventually.

"The past four months I've missed so many things, and people, and places! I miss sharing space with my people.

"I miss hugs and kisses and cuddles from the kiddos. I miss shenanigans with my bestie.

"I miss trips to Oregon, and Chicago, and Seattle, and California. I miss the happiest place on earth.

The TV personality continued: ”I have so many things I want to do when we get through this. Drive down the pacific coast. Fly out to New York.

"Go to Disneyland. And go to Disneyland again. Go back to Vegas and see all my people! Hug! Just hug!

"Who knew back in February and March this was what our world was going to look like this summer?

"I'm SO grateful for the connections I do have, the texting, the phone calls, the every day Marco Polo with my bff.

"These are the things we need to utilize right now while we can't be in each other's space and doing all the adventuring we're craving.

"So until the world is safer, I'll continue doing the things I can. Enjoying the daily walks in the beauty of Flagstaff.

"Hiking trails are in abundance here! I'll do my projects at home, heaven knows I have plenty. And work.

"I'm SO fortunate to have my work. I know so many are so much less fortunate and my heart goes out to them all.

"This social distancing will pass. This pandemic will pass. These emotions will pass. Things will be ok. We got this!"

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