Sister Wives’ Meri Brown SNAPS at customer for ‘rude’ comment about her rocky marriage to Kody

SISTER Wives star Meri Brown snapped at a customer for a “rude” comment about her rocky marriage to Kody during a Facebook Live.

On Wednesday, Meri, 49, held a Shop My Closet Facebook Live where she sold her barely-worn LuLaRoe clothing items.

During the live sale, Meri said holding up one of her $35 items: “I’m super curious if anyone knows this episode. It’s a couple of years old. I’m just saying.

"That one was the one I wore when I did some dance for Mykelti’s bridal shower. I had to dress ‘70s.”

One of her customers responded: “Was that the episode where Kody said he doesn’t know why he married you?”

When Meri saw the comment, she told her assistant to “block” the customer.

She said: “Amber please block her because like, what kind of comment is that? Rude comment.”

She then laughed when her assistant said she was blocking the customer and others in the group for their comments.

Meri snapping over the comment comes after she blasted fans for making fun of her eyebrows on Instagram.

She posted a selfie on Instagram earlier this week with the caption: “Just a Wednesday selfie cuz I know y'all are bored and need to be talking about my eyebrows again…”

Meri has also disabled her comments on Instagram for recent photos.

As Sister Wives fans know, Kody and Meri’s marriage has been rocky in recent years.

Kody, 52, divorced her in 2014 to legally marry fourth and “favorite” wife Robyn, 41, so he could adopt her children from a previous relationship.

She was then involved in a catfish scandal and fell in love with another man, who ended up being a woman.

On the most recent season of Sister Wives, Meri said their marriage has been “pretty rocky for a while” during a therapy session.

Kody, who is also married to Janelle, 50, and Christine, 48, admitted he “regretted” their relationship.

They ignored their 30th wedding anniversary in April and haven’t posted photos together on social media in over a year.

Meri has been sparking split rumors with her cryptic quotes on social media.

She has also posted without her wedding ring.