Sister Wives’ Meri, Christine and Janelle Brown show off major weight loss

SISTER Wives stars Meri, Christine and Janelle Brown have been working out and focusing on their health as husband Kody has been with his favorite wife Robyn.

Christine, 48, posted a new photo to her Facebook page wearing a yellow shirt and skinny jeans.

Fans commented on the stunning photo commending the mom of six on her weight loss.

Christine has been taking walks with her sister wife Janelle, 50, as she too has been focusing on her health.

Just last week, Janelle posted that after years of being insecure, she finally feels “confident” in a bathing suit.

She captioned a selfie while at the beach: “For years I made excuses about going anywhere that required swimsuit.

"All of my insecurities... As I became more accepting of my wonderful body and all the things it could do I became more confident.

“I’m a work in progress for sure but I missed out on so much fun through the years. No more! So here is my yearly post about how to go to the beach. Put on your suit and go.”

Janelle owns fitness company Strive with Janelle.

On her Facebook page, she often posts healthy, farm-to-table recipes including kale salad, cauliflower mash, baked cabbage and more.

She has also offered her health care services to fans

As for Meri, 49, she too has been showing off her trim figure.

She posted a TikTok video working out at the gym.

The LuLaRoe clothing seller also revealed she has been working with a personal trainer.

Meri has even cut her hair and has been wearing more makeup for a full-body transformation.

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