Sister Wives star Meri Brown posts about a ‘doorway to a new world’ after ‘split’ from husband Kody

SISTER Wives star Meri Brown is ready to step into a “doorway to a new world” after her alleged split from husband Kody Brown.

The 49-year-old became spiritually married to Kody after being legally divorced from him a few years ago.

Lately, Meri has been hinting that the two are no longer together and that their marriage was “pretty rocky for a while.”

It seems the TLC star is ready to move on after the potential break-up and is looking ahead to what’s next in her life.

She posted a happy photo of herself smiling out in the great outdoors, along with the quote from mountaineer and author John Muir: ”Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.”

Sister Wives' Meri also shared with fans: “Living my why, because I can. Love what I do, love who I am.”

She and Kody got a legal divorce in September 2014 and then wed in a spiritual union.

They share one child, a 24-year-old daughter named Mariah.

The 49-year-old mom has been posting a lot of cryptic messages about her possible split from Kody, with Tuesday’s photo and caption just the latest.

She also recently posted about having the "opportunity to love and to be loved,” hinting that she and her husband are done for good.

In black letters, she posted a quote by Jodi Hills: "I am here. I have the courage to believe that matters.

"I have the strength to make a difference ... to be different. Even with an empty hand, I have the means to give.

"I am free to become ... to fail ... to learn. I have the advantage of hope. I have the opportunity to be love ... to be loved.

"I have the wisdom to know it is all a gift ... all.

"When I make my decision on how I am going to live this day, and it is a decision, I joyfully, responsibly, gratefully, face the world and say, 'I am here.’"