sMothered:Mother-daughter duo gets bikini wax together

sMothered,” TLC’s hit reality show co-produced by The Post, follows several mother-daughter duos with intensely close bonds.

One pair is Chicago-based mom Kathy, 61, and daughter Cristina, 35, who refer to each other as their real “husbands,” much to the dismay of Cristina’s actual husband, Carlo.

The mom-and-daughter pair are among the show’s most colorful, and could easily fit into a show like “Jersey Shore.”

They regularly spend all day together, snoop into the love life of Cristina’s sister together, and in Season 2, they’re even living under the same roof while Cristina and Carlo’s house gets remodeled.

Kathy is helping Cristina design their new kitchen, even though Carlo is indignant that he’s not getting any say in it. “I think I have a say in what’s going on at my house!” he fumed in last week’s episode.

But remodeling isn’t all they do as a duo. In a clip from the eighth episode of Season 2, called “She’s My World,” Kathy and Cristina go for a mother-daughter bikini wax.

“We’re just getting our patches waxed,” Cristina says, adding it will be her mother’s first-ever wax.

Kathy was the first one to go and she admitted that she did not see the pain coming. To distract herself from the pain, Kathy and Cristina engaged in a conversation and discussed about Carly.

Kathy was curious to find out why her daughter, Carly, had been irritated for a long time. Cristina and Kathy decided it was time for them to look into the matter.

As their conversation continued, Cristina was the next to get waxed. She admitted that the pain was more than what she had expected.

Luckily for them, they were able to sail through it as they continued discussing Carly. 

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