The Bachelor Australia: Abbie Chatfield might have had a 'secret boyfriend' before the show

She has been described as 'two-faced' for telling Matt Agnew she wants to have children in the next five years, despite having no plans to settle down.

And now further evidence has surfaced that Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield isn't quite the innocent 'girl next door' she portrays herself to be.

A source told New Idea that the 23-year-old property analyst doesn't want a serious relationship and actually had a 'secret boyfriend' shortly before filming the show.

According to the magazine, Abbie had been dating a British backpacker just weeks before she arrived at the Bachelor mansion.

'She went to Europe last year, met a guy in Scotland, and convinced him to move to Australia. She spent a couple of weeks travelling with him and then called it a day,' claimed the source.

Interestingly, Abbie's Instagram account shows no traces of a trip to Europe or a Scottish boyfriend.

The insider added that Abbie was playing Matt 'for a fool' in the mansion, and was telling him 'whatever he wanted to hear' to stay in the competition.

Abbie was at the centre of a scandal last week after telling the astrophysicist that Monique Morley had called him a 'dog c**t' behind his back.

On Sunday, fellow Bachelor contestant Sogand Mohtat took Monique's side in the dispute, describing Abbie as a 'manipulator'.

The Persian beauty told The Sunday Telegraph that Abbie was 'putting on an act' and is a completely different person behind the scenes.  

'I couldn't hold back after seeing how Abbie was one way in front of us girls when the cameras were rolling, then another way to Matt,' she said.