The Bachelor Australia: Matt Agnew reveals codename for his mystery lover

The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew has revealed his secret codename for his beloved lover.

The astrophysicist recently showed to information.Com.Au that he is still “in a courting with someone from the show”, however obviously he has to keep her identity a secret if you want to now not ruin the program for fanatics.

This morning, Agnew sat down for an intimate chat with Studio 10’s Denise Scott and the comic grilled him about his accomplice.

“Do you have her name in code inside the cellphone?” Scott requested.

“I do. She’s in my smartphone as Rose,” he replied.

“Of course it is,” Scott chuckled.

Filming for The Bachelor wrapped up a couple of months ago, and Agnew told the Studio 10 host it hasn’t been easy for him and his girlfriend to catch up since.

“One of the hardest parts is you could’t be visible with them,” he said. “You ought to keep, just like any relationship, as a lot open, sincere conversation as you can.”

Agnew has made headlines this season for the number of women he’s alleged to have kissed on the reality show.

There were rumours he’d locked lips with 17 different female contestants, although he downplayed that figure.

“Look, I will own the fact that I went into the process to find love and in a relationship an emotional connection is very important, but so too is the physical connection,” he said.

“So I’m not going to make any excuses, I did go in there and was going to kiss women, but the numbers are very inflated, they’re nowhere near what is being thrown around.”

In her position as Studio 10’s Melbourne correspondent, Scott requested Agnew how his girlfriend has been managing seeing him “pash numerous ladies” on TV.

“We’ve had a communique about it and it’s pretty much maintaining a consistent, open channel of

conversation and navigating a really challenging period of the relationship,” he said.

Agnew added that it’s up to him “to provide (her with) reassurance that she’s the one that I want”.

According to Sportsbet, the favourite to have captured Agnew’s heart on The Bachelor is Chelsea ($1.40), followed by Abbie ($4.50), Elly ($6) and Helena ($8).

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