The Bachelor Australia’s Cassandra reveals whether Rachael was involved with a producer

Following the eighth and most recent episode of The Bachelor Australia, which aired last night on Channel 10, Vogue spoke with contestant Cassandra, who was asked to pack her bags after she failed to receive a rose. 

If you happened to tune into the episode in question, and were were able to sit through the rather cringe-worthy rose ceremony all the way to the end of the episode, you would have seen a preview of what looks to be a pretty drama-filled next episode, which seems to call into question Rachael’s authenticity. 

The sneak peek hints at Rachael’s suggested involvement with one of the show’s producers, a revelation that comes just days after E! News reported the rumours.   

“Rachael tried cracking onto the producer in front of the girls and a few other crew members," a show insider revealed, per E! News. “She had no shame, but for everyone else, it was really uncomfortable to watch.”

Considering the publication suggested that Rachael had enlisted the help of some of her fellow bachelorettes, who she reportedly asked to hand her mobile number – which was written on a piece of paper – to the producer in question, when given the opportunity to talk to Cassandra, we decided to get to the bottom of the scandal.

Explaining that Rachael was “quite cheeky” and wasn’t “vibing that well with Matt,” Cassandra confessed the bachelor contestant was overheard making “a couple of comments saying, ‘Oh, there could be two love stories here,’” in reference to her interest in a producer on the show. 

“Also, on a group date, she did ask us girls if we had seen the person that she was kind of keen on,” added Cassandra, before confirming, “it was like a little school girl crush” and “that... basically was far as it went.”

When quizzed on whether Rachael pursued the producer following what we’re assuming will be her soon-to-be-revealed exit from the show – considering she recently hinted at said exit when she broke The

Bachelor Australia's social media rules by swapping her Channel 10-approved Instagram display picture for a personal one – Cassandra shares: “I have no idea if anything eventuated from that.”

So there you have it, the truth has been revealed.

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