Bachelor's Britt Nilsson welcomes daughter Noa Ellis Joy

Former contestant of The Bachelor Britt Nilsson has welcomed her first child, a daughter. 

The 31-year-old took to social media on Friday to reveal she had given birth earlier in the week on June 23 to a little girl named, Noa Ellis Joy Byrne. 

Britt shared a series of different posts and photos while revealing 'there was nothing like the love' she had towards the little one. 

'Hello! My Name is Noa Ellis Joy Byrne and I was born June 23 at 5:52 am, 9lb and 21 inches long!!' she began. 

Britt went on to explain the meaning behind her unique name. 

'NOA is a Hebrew girls’ name that means "movement" or "motion". In Japanese it means "My love" or "from love". In Hawaiian it means 'freedom" or "sea of freedom". In Arabic it means 'higher" and "genius".' 

'To us, it means the cutest little squishy warrior princess angel nugget ever born on this earth.' 

She continued: 'It’s also a biblical story in Numbers about 5 daughters asking Moses for their fathers’ inheritance and God blessing their request before that was even remotely happening in society.' 

'Get it girl! So basically we love it for all the reasons!' 

Brit also penned a lengthy post about the feelings she felt towards her little one, in a photo taken just minutes after her birth. 

'Meeting you, our little Noa for the very first time, just seconds after you came out!' 

'Carrying you for 9 months and then finally getting to see your precious face and actually hold you in my arms, even after so much physical pain and exhaustion, was the most pure, Holy, lovely, and profound thing I’ve experienced as a human being on this earth.'

'Thank you for being our treasure, precious girl. There is nothing like this love!' 

 Brit revealed she was expecting a baby back in December when she was 14 weeks.

She captioned the small gallery:  'Swipe to see who’s inside!!!! First pic is me at 14 weeks, second is baby Byrne at 10 weeks. I can’t believe our little boobah is zootin all around so much with their little legs and arms, makes me cry!! 

'Can’t wait to keep watching you grow, I already love you so much! [three heart emojis] 

Days before the most recent post the happy couple announced they were expecting with a screenshot of them holding up a positive pregnancy test strip.

The former reality star and Jeremy wed in a romantic, intimate wedding attended by 160 of the couple's loved ones back in September 2017. 

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