'The Bachelor's Elly Defends Abbie: ‘No One Deserves That Hate’

After Wednesday's shocking episode of 'The Bachelor' saw fan favourite Elly Miles fail to receive a rose from Matt Agnew, much of the fan backlash has fallen on Abbie Chatfield.

However, Elly -- ever the amiable lady both on and off-screen -- has come to the defence of her controversial co-bachelorette, condemning the vitriol that has been directed Abbie's way over the past few weeks.

"Abbie and I got in touch when the first episode came out and cleared the air, and we're on good terms," Elly told 10 daily, adding, "Things were said about each other on-screen and whatnot, but it's fine -- it happened with all of the girls."

"But the way things went down with her look bad on TV, and as a result, Abbie's copped a heap of backlash. There's been so many awful comments directed at her and it just sucks because it was all from a situation that was intensified."

Being on a reality show generally comes hand-in-hand with the inevitable social media trolls posting hurtful comments, but Elly insisted that the excessive hate towards Abbie has gone too far.

"No one deserves to have that kind of hate thrown at them. Some of the things said about her are just so nasty," she added.

It's this diplomatic attitude that quickly solidified the 24-year-old country girl as a firm fan favourite from the moment she walked into the mansion, inviting Matt to join her as she toasted marshmallows over a campfire. 

"It's been so humbling!" Elly said of the overwhelmingly positive reaction to her appearance on the show. "You don't really know how you're gonna come across on TV and whether people are going to like you or not, and I've just come out being the person I am."

She continued, "It's so nice to get so much support and so many kind words from people. It's really lovely!"

As for whether she was heartbroken over being dumped by Bachie Matt, Elly revealed that she's doing fine, adding that if she made any further, it may have been a different story.

"I think I narrow narrowly missed out on getting my heart broken.  If I made it to hometowns, it would have been a lot worse," she explained.

"I forgot pretty quickly about everything and went overseas for nine weeks with my sister," she said, adding, "I went to Europe and had a few flings!"

"It was almost surprising to me how quickly I accepted what had happened. I just moved on and got over it!"

As for whether or not the bubbly blonde would return to the franchise, possibly as the Bachelorette?

"I would definitely consider it," she mused, adding, "It depends if I was still single and ready mingle!"

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