The Bachelor's Vakoo Kauapirura breaks down in tears after disastrous first date with Matt Agnew

The Bachelor's Vakoo Kauapirura became left in tears after her disastrous one-on-one date with Matt Agnew got here to an abrupt end.

On Thursday's night's episode, the usually bubbly and charismatic 23-year-old failed to show her vulnerability and impress Matt during her alone time with him.   

The pair have been sharing what ought to had been an intimate second together, after Vakoo won the compatibility project, but her giddiness got the better of her.

'Up until now, I suppose Matt has seen more of my bubbly and funny type of side. So, tonight, I'm hoping to show him a more serious side to me,' Vakoo said beforehand.

But within minutes of being alone, the 23-year-old showed her age, after she couldn't stop laughing, leaving Matt wondering whether their ages were too far apart.

'Vakoo is a giggly girl. It's a really sweet thing. But I do feel we're getting a little stuck on the giggling,' Matt said during his piece to camera. 

Despite his tries to interact with her, Vakoo continued to giggle throughout their date, with her saying to him: 'Oh, God. This is so intense.'

When Matt asked Vakoo what was so intense about the moment, she said she was 'feeling a lot of things' but then failed to explain herself to him.

At one point, her giggling became so out of control that Matt said to her 'Please don't spill red wine on me.' followed by 'That wasn't a joke'.

'I'm trying to be, like, cool and, you know, calm, but I just get really, like, overwhelmed,' Vakoo said in the voice over.

Eventually, Matt confessed to her he thought the age difference was going to be an issue, with Vakoo replying: 'I just don't really think age is a factor.'

But regardless of her tries to rationalise with him, their date came to an stop, with Matt telling her he had a great night and kissed her at the cheek.

'He kissed me on the cheek and I didn't get a rose, so I think that's a bad sign,' Vakoo said through tears, and ultimately she was sent home later in the episode.

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