'The Bachelorette' Has Cut 13 Previously Announced Guys From Clare Crawley's Season

Thirteen previously announced guys have reportedly been cut from the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

Reported over the weekend, extra guys were flown out to the filming location in La Quinta, California as backups for the season, and it looks like some of them will be taking the place of thirteen original men that were announced for the season.

The extra men were there in case either someone tested positive for coronavirus, or because any of the original guys dropped out of the show.

According to Reality Steve, 12 men have been cut from the show for unknown reasons.

“I’m hearing this season they have way more guys flown out there than will eventually end up on the show, and that’s to have other guys ready to go if any test positive for COVID upon arrival,"he said.

“But in typical Bachelor fashion, it’s not like they’re telling any of the 'extra' guys they flew out that they’re basically just a standby person.”

The thirteenth guy was Matt James, who is going on to star in the new season of The Bachelor.

Aaron Goodwin, Anthony Witchek, Austin Bouzigard, Bennett Murphy, Bret Engemann, James Clarke, Miley Gully, Nick Eccher, Grant Lewis, Greg Grippo, JP Caruso and Tyler Cottrill will not appear on the show and try to win the heart of Clare Crawley.