The Grand Tour’s James May lands cooking show

The Grand Tour’s James May has landed his own cooking show on Amazon Prime Video after rustling up a legion of followers for his culinary expertise on Food Tribe. While The Grand Tour looks likely to be taking a break as travel becomes increasingly difficult – although the Madagascar special is on the horizon –

May’s embarking on his second solo project for the streaming giant after Our Man… In Japan.  According to Deadline, the 57-year-old was scheduled to embark on a second international trip this year but thanks to coronavirus plans were pushed back. 

Instead, work has already begun on May’s cooking series, thought to be six episodes in length. 

The publication reports James May ‘Oh Cook!’ is currently slated as a working title, playing on the presenter’s ‘oh cock!’ catchphrase from The Grand Tour when disatser strikes which is, you know, all the time. 

May’s been regularly rustling up dishes on FoodTribe and popped up in Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word in 2007.

As for The Grand Tour, Clarkson confirmed the upcoming Madagascar special is ‘ready to go’ as he begged fans to stop asking for a release date.

‘It’s finished, it’s filmed, it’s edited, it’s graded, it’s ready to go and it’s up to them when they put it out so stop asking us,’ he said.

‘We’re looking forward to seeing it as much as you are,’ he continued. ’It was b****y good fun to make in Madagascar, which is one hell of a place and we think we made a hell of a story.’

Clarkson and producer Andy Wilman also confirmed The Grand Tour was heading to Russia in March before travel was shut down indefinitely. 

‘We had to call it. It was the right move, thank Christ, but now we’ve got to wait for the snow again and we’ll go next year,’ Wilman explained in a recent Q&A on the Drive Tribe YouTube channel. 

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