The Grand Tour season 4 gets an update from Amazon Prime

The Grand Tour’s anticipated Madagascar special is still set to be aired this year – but the team are begging you all to be patient with it. 

Someone on the social media team seems to be having a bit of a ‘mare as fans flock to them daily for news on when we’ll see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May back on our screens – so laid down the law for everyone just so we’re all on the same page. 

In a quick rundown on the show’s current status, they wrote: ‘Yes, the next Special will land later this year. ‘Yes, it’s filmed in Madagascar and yes, there will be cars. 

‘Yes, we wanted to go to Russia, No, we couldn’t (we all know why).’  ‘Yes, we will try again, No, we don’t know when,’ they added. ‘Yes, we will keep you updated.’ Got it? Great.

The update comes after the trio reunited last week to discuss plans for future projects together (from a safe social distance of course).

They were originally scheduled to head to Russia in March, before production shutdown put a stop to their plans.

Jeremy had previously teased what’s in store for the Madagascar special, but in doing so begged that people stop quizzing him on when the mini-series will drop.

‘It’s finished, it’s filmed, it’s edited, it’s graded, it’s ready to go and it’s up to them when they put it out so stop asking us,’ he said. ‘We’re looking forward to seeing it as much as you are,’ he continued.

’It was b****y good fun to make in Madagascar, which is one hell of a place and we think we made a hell of a story.’

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