The photo of Matt Agnew you can't unsee.Fans say they'll 'never look at Bachelor the same way again

Former astrophysicist Matt Agnew made his debut as The Bachelor last week.And while Channel 10 has gone to great lengths to portray him as a 'fresh' new candidate for the franchise, it turns out he actually has a celebrity doppelgänger.

On Wednesday, Instagram account Bachie Funny shared a meme highlighting how Matt bears a striking resemblance to another reality star - and now fans are saying they'll 'never look at him the same way again.'  With his floppy hair and animated laugh, the 32-year-old data scientist reminds many viewers of former Married At First Sight star Troy Delmege. 

Australians will remember Troy for his infectious cackle and boyish haircut during the fifth season of MAFS last year.

Fans were convinced the two men had been separated at birth when Matt chuckled his way through his date with nurse Elly Miles on Thursday's episode of The Bachelor.

The high-spirited scientist's cheerful manner was very similar to how Troy, 37, behaved during his happier times with ex-'wife' Ashley Irvin on MAFS. 

Furthermore, Matt's kiss with Elly was reminiscent of when Troy and Ashley would get intimate during their honeymoon.

One Bachelor fan joked that the comparison had 'ruined' the entire season of The Bachelor for them. 

Similar comments included: 'I'm no longer attracted to him' and 'I can't unsee it!' 

Other viewers said that Bachie Funny's comparison had reminded them of what they had secretly known for weeks: Matt is basically a younger version of Troy. 

During Wednesday's episode of The Bachelor, Matt and Elly grew close during a cosy date at Melbourne's Flemington Racecourse. 

Later on, Matt enjoyed some private time with Nichole Wood, but their chemistry was nothing compared to what he experienced with Elly. 

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