The Real Reason Why Billie Eilish Skipped the 2019 MTV VMAs

Billie Eilish is the hottest thing in music right now, so you think she would be at one of music's biggest nights, but sadly she isn't. Billie decided to skip out on the 2019 VMAs, even though she's nominated for a few awards.

Though she hasn't confirmed she won't make an appearance at all, Billie won a VMA during the pre-show, but wasn't there to accept it. After winning Push Artist of the Year, the show played a pre-recorded message from Billie in which she thanked all her fans for their support. If Billie doesn't show up at all it wouldn't be surprising.

She's currently on tour and has a performance scheduled in Moscow, Russia tomorrow. So, it's likely that her tour commitments prevented her from flying out to New Jersey for the event.

Billie's up for nine awards this year, and it's assumed she'll take home more before the night's over. She may have missed her chance to mingle with other stars and fans at this year's show, but she's still a winner in all of our eyes.

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