The Walking Dead season 10 takes a new turn and confirmed to bring back long lost character

The Walking Dead has confirmed the shock return of a character that disappeared without explanation. Posting a photo online of her back in action, Sydney Park revealed that she was back in action as Cyndie.

In a photo of her ready for a fight, Cyndie is seen standing shoulder to shoulder with fan favourite survivors including Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). Posting the photo on Instagram, she declared: ‘Walking Dead Season 10 biiiiitccchhhesss.’ Cyndie hasn’t been seen on screen since exacting her revenge on Savior Arat back in the middle of season nine for the merciless murder of her brother.

The Oceanside resident was the last remaining member of her family, she ended up driving a spear through her fellow survivors head for smiling as she killed him. Cyndie disappeared back to Oceanside

Angela Kang previously teased what the Oceanside clan as up to these days, and said: ‘Oceanside is off doing their Oceanside things, man. There will be some Oceanside in the future.’ ‘We always imagine that Oceanside is the least involved on a day-to-day basis with our people, but they are definitely just a part of all those groups and things.’

The Walking Dead recently confirmed their return date as more information about what’s to come in the apocalypse series begins to be released – including new photos such as the one confirming Cyndie’s comeback.

The first batch of images from the upcoming tenth season have also confirmed the casting of two comic book characters: one who has close ties to Negan and another who is a love interest of a fan-favourite, currently AWOL, character in the comics.

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