Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor Shocking Transformation using Faceapp

2019 has already witnessed several viral trends and the latest is ‘old age’ trend. FaceApp is going viral among the celebrities. It lets you see how one might look in their old age. This new trend is taking the internet by storm and is making everyone laugh so hard.

The app came out in 2017 but the new filter on the app was added recently .It makes you look 60 years older. Using the new FaceApp, he now sports a grey hair, has wrinkles, and little bit of details makes him look like an old man. “70 years of reebokXvarundhawan. P.s I didn’t stop training. Alot of people feel this is the way @anilskapoor will look when he’s 100,” he wrote.

Arjun Kapoor on the other hand decided to share his old age photo and it will make you laugh. He captioned the photo, “Old age hit me like.” The photo, which shows Arjun Kapoor sporting wrinkled skin and white hair, is a result of Faceapp - an app with a filter, which makes you look about 50-60 years old.

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