Vince McMahon Upset At Two Top WWE Stars For Teasing Unplanned Match

WWE stars are well-known for utilizing social media to play up their television—and sometimes their real-life—feuds, but when wrestlers do that without approving it with WWE boss Vince McMahon, it typically becomes an issue.

NXT stalwart Tommaso Ciampa and Raw star Randy Orton recently engaged in a highly publicized Twitter spat following Orton’s critical comments regarding NXT TakeOver: In Your House, a beef that many fans speculated would lead to a main roster call-up for for Ciampa and a feud between “The Viper” and the former NXT Champion. As it turns out, however, WWE has no intentions on delivering on that feud.

The Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez (h/t SEScoops) reports that Orton and Ciampa went out on their own to build this rivalry even though the company has no plans for the two stars to have an actual match: “Bryan Alvarez discussed the exchange between Orton and Ciampa on Wrestling Observer Live and he reported that the tweets were not setting up a match between the two. The exchange could be a shoot or something the two stars organised themselves but it was not set up by the company and they are not part of any creative plans. This does not necessarily mean that Tommaso Ciampa is not headed to the main roster but the tweets between the two WWE stars are not an indication of the things to come.”

No surprise here: McMahon isn’t thrilled about an NXT main eventer and a future Hall of Famer hinting at a match that isn’t in the cards. Alvarez (h/t WrestlingNews.co) added, “The impression I was given is that Vince McMahon isn’t very happy about this. For those of you who may not know there are rules and then there’s Vince. Vince hates it when guys or women or whatever do something that teases a match that he’s not gonna do.”

McMahon has a well-known hatred for WWE stars publicly building up feuds that aren’t in the company’s creative plans, especially ones that are almost impossible to deliver on. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin revealed way back in 2015 that Vince McMahon was irate that he and Paul Heyman teased a WrestleMania match between Austin and Brock Lesnar during an episode of Austin’s podcast that aired on WWE Network. At the time, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Inquisitr) reported that “Vince wanted the story to go away quickly and quietly with Austin addressing it once and then moving on”

McMahon’s big gripe is that he doesn’t want WWE superstars to even tease a match, especially a big money match, that the company can’t deliver on because of the potential backlash that will result from fans. There is also an unwritten role of sorts that stars from NXT—which, for the most part, isn’t really associated with Raw or SmackDown—should not engage in public trash talk with stars from those brands unless instructed to do some by company officials in order to lay the framework for a potential future feud.

WrestlingNews.co also writes, “Wrestlers in NXT were told months ago not to rip on main roster talent unless it was something planned for a TV storyline.” Based upon the report from Alvarez, there is no current plan for Ciampa and Orton, who are both more natural heels anyway, to feud on either Raw or NXT in the near future, and it remains unlikely that this will change anytime soon. Ciampa has informed Triple H that he would retire rather than move to the main roster, and though he’s accomplished virtually everything he can on NXT, he sure seems like an NXT lifer who may never leave the brand.

That likely makes a feud with Orton—who has continued to be critical of the in-ring style of NXT performers—virtually impossible because “The Viper” is embroiled in a fantastic feud with Edge and almost assuredly would not go to NXT at this stage of his career, even if only for a brief rivalry, unless NXT viewership tanks to historic lows and stays there. It’s no wonder McMahon is upset about the teases between the two high-profile stars, who are creating enough buzz on their own on Raw and NXT, respectively, to not need to go out of their way to tease a feud that ultimately may never happen.

Orton, however, remains open to a potential feud with Ciampa.

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